viernes, 3 de enero de 2014

Spiritual Avalanche,Steve Hill.

Powerful and so true!.
Very uplifting book, just finish mine and definitely is a must read book for everyone on today’s church or anyone who is looking for one (Church).You will learn how to find the biblical church or group to congregate base on the scriptures (The Bible).I read it and every day thru my reading I was telling everybody around me how exciting was the book and I was really surprise to find a author with basically my exactly way of thinking. Pastor Steve Hill warns about the threat of false teachings.
Definitely we need more people, woman’s and men’s of God who stand with the Biblical teaching of the gospel of God, the real one on the Bible, like pastor  Steve Hill that will boldly stand up and proclaim the truth of God's word. Today’s we can find erroneous teachings around us. There are many in the church world today who continually staining the Grace of God.
well written with lots of Bible Scriptures to back up Pastor Steve Hill teachings on this book.
I gave 5 stars on my list and I highly recommend. As soon you finish the book tell someone who may be on risk of a “Spiritual Avalanche”!.

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Disclaimer;***I was given a copy of this publication from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.***

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