sábado, 30 de noviembre de 2013

The Code of the Holy Spirit: Uncovering the Hebraic Roots and Historic Presence of the Holy Spirit.

The Code of the Holy Spirit: Uncovering the Hebraic Roots and Historic Presence of the Holy Spirit.


This is a great book. One you will want to have in your personal library. I have many books from   Pastor Stone   and this   is one more on my “The Best” list. This one definitely should be read by any on the search of knowledge of the Holy Spirit or new believers.

 He shares his discoveries about the Holy Spirit through his personal study of Old Testament writings and Jewish tradition. He went to the roots of our Faith on this book has always done on each of his writings and teachings. If you've ever read Perry Stone's books or listened to his teaching, you know he is thorough in his approach. This book goes in depth and digs deeper on the subject. Definitely it has been such a blessing to me.
Take a look at what you will find inside;

1-Midnight at the Western Wall,verdadenmano.blogspot.com
2-Is God Three or is God One?, verdadenmano.blogspot.com
3-The Mystery of the Ruach ha-Kodesh, verdadenmano.blogspot.com
4-The Holy Spirit favorite word, verdadenmano.blogspot.com
5-The Code of the Dove and the Holy Spirit, verdadenmano.blogspot.com
6-The Chemistry of the Anointing, verdadenmano.blogspot.com

7-Getting Soaked on the Joel 2 Road, verdadenmano.blogspot.com
8-The Last Days-Between Pentecost And Trumpets,
9-The Importance of Testing Spirits,
10-Whats does God Think about woman preachers?,
11-The Code Concealed in the Menorah,
12-How The Holy Spirit Break the Spirit of Vexation,
13-Can A True Christian Commit The Unpardonable Sin?,
14-My Never-Before-Revealed Confessions, verdadenmano.blogspot.com
15-The Nine Greatest Lessons the Holy Spirit Has Taught Me, verdadenmano.blogspot.com
16-The Hidden Message In The Feast Of The Tabernacles, verdadenmano.blogspot.com
17-The First fruits Of The Spirit, verdadenmano.blogspot.com
18-The Key To Highly Blessed And Happy Christians, verdadenmano.blogspot.com
19-Frequently Asked Questions About The Holy Spirit, verdadenmano.blogspot.com
20-How To Receive The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit, verdadenmano.blogspot.com

I was so excited about this book I could not put it down. It’s a must read for Christian and people looking for a deep relationship with our God.
Twenty excited chapters and 258 pages (including the notes) will take you on a journey of knowledge and wisdom. Go and get your copy today!.


Author Bio; Perry Stone is the best-selling author of numerous books, including Purging Your House, Pruning Your Family Tree and How to Interpret Dreams and Visions. He directs one of America’s fastest-growing ministries, The Voice of Evangelism. An international evangelist, Perry holds a BA in theology from Covenant Life Christian College. He lives in Cleveland, Tennessee, with his wife, Pam, and their two children.
Disclaimer;***I was given a copy of this publication from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.***

viernes, 22 de noviembre de 2013

Lord Change Me, James MacDonald.


I just finished reading the book “Lord Change Me” by pastor James McDonald.This was my first book from pastor McDonald and I really like it.  MacDonald is the Founding and Senior Pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel in Chicago.
The book impressed me because have  a easy way to understand all what the author want us to learn and change things in our lives that need changes.

The book has three main steps or section where McDonald explains all the content of the message, number one ; The preparation for the change, Two; The process to change, Three; The power of change.
Like every human being in a modern world , I have been struggling with some issues in my personal life and this book definitely help me to start a change. If you're serious about changing your life and you need a help, this book will help you to start and achieve your goal. If you are dealing with issues in your life and you want a close encounter with God this book is for you. Of course you need to have repentance, confession, and submission to the work of the Holy Spirit and the Bible, the word of God to start your big change. On my list pastor McDonald has five stars!.


About the Author
JAMES MACDONALD is the founding and senior pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. Pastor MacDonald has written many books, including Lord, Change My Attitude, When Life is Hard, and Gripped by the Greatness of God. Pastor MacDonald's teaching can be heard on Walk in the Word, a daily radio program heard on outlets across North America. Pastor MacDonald and his wife, Kathy, have three children and reside in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.
Disclaimer;***I was given a copy of this publication from the publisher  in exchange for my honest opinion.***