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Judas Goat by Perry Stone.

Judas Goat by Perry Stone.

Who has experienced betrayals and false friendships sometime in their lives?.This is the main subject in this great book, Pastor Perry Stone, from the Bible go deep inside this matter. The first thing that catch my attention was the name of the book; “The Judas Goat”…Judas Goat?!...and immediately I start my reading.

If you or someone you know have issues or broken relationships on their live this book will help you to heal. Will be very helpful if you are a minister or lead a group in your church. One of the chapters is the restoration of the fallen in the church.
This book is our daily in our life’s and church’s, Pastor Perry  wrote;

“The parallel spiritual principle of the goat’s horn is that in local congregations there are often individuals who desire to exercise theirs “authority” by causing some form of discord among others, leading to spiritual wounds and emotional pain through cutting words. A Judas goat is not concerned if a church loses members or attendees as long as his or her territorial control is not threatened.” …

And definitely he is right when he said;
“It is impossible to preach forgiveness without practicing forgiveness .Get the goat out of your house, your bed and your life by releasing the power of forgiveness to those who have offended you!.”

We need to start practicing what we preach, this book is an “eye opening” and is a must read. I will recommend you “The Judas Goat” from Pastor and Evangelist, Perry Stone. If you, like me, follow Pastor Stone on TV and his books you will know is  hard to said something bad about his teachings on TV and his books because is only one  word to describe his books, Excellent!.And always back up with a lot of scriptures from the Bible.

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